‘Stars Wars’ Comic Series Based On George Lucas’ OG Screenplay Is Coming

'Stars Wars' Comic Series Based On George Lucas' OG Rough Screenplay Is Coming

Dark Horse Comics is set to roll out a new 8-issue series adapted from Stars Wars creator George Lucas’ original, rough-draft screenplay, dubbed The Star Wars. In it, the franchise’s most recognized characters are shown in a much different light.

There’s Annikin Starkiller, who is the hero; Luke Skywalker is a wizened Jedi general; Han Solo is a lizard-like alien; and Darth Vader isn’t the imposing Sith Lord we’ve all been introduced to over the years.ย In fact, Vader is nothing more than a Imperial Army general, who is still fearsome, but is without a mask and his burned face. Instead, he rocks a single scar on his left cheek.

In an interview with USA Today, series artist Mike Mayhew says Darth Vader — in the new series — is actually a mix of this early incarnation and two other characters to be introduced in The Star Wars, including a “man-machine” character and a Sith, “who all have elements of the Vader we all know and love.”

The Star Wars is slated to drop September 4th. For more info, visit DarkHorse.com.

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