Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol Launch Lifestyle Channel, Sanctioned TV

Sanctioned TV

Aligned with their Sanctiond car care product line, Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol have launched a new web series called Sanctioned TV, in which they document topics and culture they’re interested in.

The channel, launched at Youtube.com/SanctionedTV, will feature documentary shorts on everything from tattoo culture, lowriders, and the homeless of Los Angeles’ Skid Row area.

“We’re excited to bring you all these different documentaries that are gonna highlight different areas of street life. Ratherly do we ever turn on TV and see stuff we wanna see,” explained Cartoon. “We kind had to make it out of necessity.”

Another highlighted series will be “L.A. Woman”, shorts highlighting the various women Oriol shoots on a regular basis.

“A lot of people always ask me: what are these women like? They wanna know all kinds of questions about them, so were gonna do some short interviews with them, some photo shoots, and show the behind the scenes,” Oriol explained.

Subscribe to Sanctioned TV at Youtube.com/SanctionedTV. Watch episode #1 of Toons’ “Tattoo Stories” below…

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