40 Glocc – The Last 48 (Game Diss) (Music Video)

40 Glocc - The Last 48 (Game Diss) (Music Video)

A year after he was assaulted by The Game, Cali rapper 40 Glocc declares his return with a visual to a new Game diss track, entitled “The Last 48.” In it, he once again claims the footage of the fight was edited, and didn’t show that he was jumped by several members of Game’s entourage… and/or that they had guns pulled on him.

Regardless, 4-0 promises to catch his rival in the streets … again, and it’ll be another story.

  1. Ha ha are u serious 40 old thank god he aint from LA we dont breed corny fools colton trik

  2. Haha thank god he aint from LA we dont breed corny fools like these small town clowns

  3. Man this busta ass nigga need to stop, dis cat is really pussy fake crip ass nigga. Seat yo hoe ass down, and your verses is str8 TRASH!!!!! I can’t stand bitch ass niggas.

  4. Lol actually 40 glocc won cause if you look at it from his perspective he’s robbing game same thing a nigga in the streets would do rob somebody of their cash. Same fucking thing different way of Doing it.Anybody with a gun and hella heads is a pussy. Seeing people side with game is just as dumb. Who had a gun? Who got jumped? Who had people with him? Alot of us if we seen hella heads and a gun and get jumped you can’t do shit without getting shot so 40 took that beating like a man. It happends all the time. Glocc did more work then any of you dudes commenting behind a computer.

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