Special Edition Raekwon ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’ Purple Tape

Get On Down x Raekwon - Purple Tape [Slipcase Edition]

Boston-based Get On Down released a special version of Raekwon’s classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, in a deluxe cassette-only package on its 18th anniversary (it was originally released August 1, 1995).

The new, limited “Purple Tape [Slipcase Edition]” package comes in a cassette tape with all songs from original 1995 album, housed in a premium purple outer case (which holds the traditional plastic cassette case)

The J-Card cassette inlay was meticulously recreated, while two stickers with images of original “Purple Tape” from 1995 (Sides 1 and 2) are also included.

In September 2012, Get On Down released a Only Built 4 Cuban Linx “Purple Tape Cassette Box,” which was housed in a glass-top, piano lacquer, 4-inch-tall black display case. The set sold out in less than two days.

Now, they return with one more special edition of the Wu-Tang Classic. The Raekwon “Purple Tape [Slipcase Edition]” is available now for $19.95 at GetOnDown.com.

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