Indonesia Surfing Spots Disturbingly Littered With Trash

By Jay Casteel  |  08/01/2013

Surfer paradise, Indonesia, is disturbingly polluted.

Wow, by now, many people have heard about the trash that litters Earth's oceans, but unless you witness it first hand, you kind of forget about it.

Indonesia is a surfing paradise with perfect waves, but as shown in this imagery, it's been ruined by the a massive amounts of trash.

Surfer magazine photographer Zak Noyle recently captured some disturbing photos showing just how bad. "The trash had never been seen like this before in Indonesia; all of us were baffled," he told "The trash in Dede's photo was the worst. No others came close to that type of disaster."

Check out the photo of local surfer Dede Suriyana inside a garbage-strewn wave, illustrating the pollution problem in Indonesia. It's really a sad sight to see. For more info and photos, visit