2 Chainz Says He Paid $100K To Get Outta DTP Deal

2 Chainz

During Ludacris’ interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club earlier this month, he made a comment about being proud of 2 Chainz for his success, but made it clear, he was still profiting off of him from his previous deal with DTP.

2 Chainz appeared on The Breakfast Club himself, this week, and was asked about Luda’s claims, which he didn’t deny or take offense too… but said his crew did.

“I mean, it didn’t bother me, but I think it bothered people around me,” the Atlanta rapper explained.

He went on to explain that he had to pay to leave DTP and sign with Def Jam. The amount was $100,000.

“For the most part, people probably want me to say or do something negative, so I don’t. Truth of the matter is, I been wanting to leave the label. When I left, I guess they knew or had some type of vision that I wasn’t gonna stop there, because I was turnt up when I left and I told them, so yeah I had to pay to leave.

“I learned a lot from the previous situation I was in. It is what it is. I learned it a long time ago, when dealing with that situation, that there’s really no such thing as loyalty out here.”

Despite how it sounds, 2 Chainz said he has no animosity toward Ludacris, crediting the rap veteran for helping him set up one of his firsts: a bank account. “For me, I don’t have anything negative to say. …Actually, [Ludacris] was the first person to give me a bank account. I didn’t even have a bank account. I just had shoeboxes of money.”

During his stint with DTP, 2 Chainz released two albums as a member of Playaz Circle — 2007’s Supply & Demand and 2009’s Flight 360: The Takeoff.


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