Chris Brown, Drake Off The Hook In $16 Million Nightclub Brawl Lawsuit

Chris Brown and Drake

It looks like both Drake and Chris Brown are off the hook on their infamous nightclub brawl in NYC last summer, at least for one lawsuit filed by the night spot across the street.

According to, Greenhouse — a nightclub located across the street from W.i.P. — had filed a lawsuit against both musicians, claiming their well-publicized brawl resulted in financial loss because of their neighboring location to the incident.

A judge, however, recently ruled that neither Drake nor Brown will have to pay up in the $16 million suit filed by Entertainment Enterprises, the owners of Greenhouse.

Back in June 2012, the entourages of Chris Brown and Drake got into a fight, where several bottles of liquor were tossed around, resulting in various injuries… and a media storm of bad publicity.

The fight was reportedly sparked over comments made about Rihanna by Drake, though neither party has confirmed this.

This is just one lawsuit though. Several others have been filed as well — including one by NBA star Tony Parker, who was injured during the fiasco, as well as Chris Brown’s bodyguard who was hit with a bottle.

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