Official ‘Avengers 2’ Movie Title Unveils New Villain

Ultron - Marvel Comics

While Avengers 2 isn’t slated until 2015, some news about the film came outta San Diego’s Comic-Con Saturday (July 20), a new villain in the film was unveiled, as well as its title.

According to reports, director Joss Whedon concluded an hour-long Marvel panel by introducing a teaser trailer that showed what looked to be Iron Man’s mask getting deformed by unseen forces. But, as the camera panned out the mask is not Iron Man at all. Who was it? A graphic flashes across the screen: Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron.

The reveal is confusing fans, especially since the villain Thanos was teased at the end of the first Avengers film.

As far as Ultron, it’s a criminally insane rogue sentient supervillain robot “dedicated to conquest and the extermination of humanity,” according to It first appeared in issue #54 of Avengers in 1968.

The Age of Ultron title comes from a Marvel Comics ten-issue run, which was written earlier this year. It centers Ultron’s attempt to take over the world by heading into the future and using his creation, the android Vision, as a conduit of destruction in the present. However, according to Yahoo, Empire Magazine tweeted after the panel that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said the title is “borrowed” from the comic book run, but “bears no relation to it.”

Further details about the Avengers sequel were unknown at press time.

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