Lil Reese Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Chicago

Lil Reese

The legal troubles for Chief Keef’s Glory Boyz roster continues. The latest is Lil Reese, who was arrested for marijuana possession on Saturday (July 13).

According to the Chicago Tribune, the 20-year-old rapper (real name: Tavares Taylor) was popped in the Englewood section of Chicago, where he was standing on the sidewalk with local gang members. He had a four grams of weed in plastic sandwich bag, and $2,090 cash.

When officers asked where he got the money, the paper says Reese replied: “It’s mine, I got a little weed. So what? There’s serious crime out there. This ain’t a big deal. I’m gangster.”

He was arrested, charged, and had his bail set at $10,000 Sunday (July 14).

Reese was arrested back in April on an outstanding warrant, and hit with criminal trespass, mob action and battery charges, stemming from an incident back in February. Before that, in early Apri, he was stopped and taken in for driving without a driver’s license or car insurance.

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  1. Wtf! How y’all know if was with gang members? Maybe they didn’t gang bang and I’m pretty sure Reese wouldn’t or didn’t say he’s “gangster “

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