Ice Cube Talks Dwight Howard Move To Houston, Calls Him ‘Dwight Coward’

Ice Cube

Since leaving Los Angeles for Houston, NBA star Dwight Howard has been getting backlash from Lakers fans… including hip-hop legend, Ice Cube.

While performing at the Kings of the Mic Tour on Sunday evening (July 8), the rapper shared his opinion on Howard’s decision to leave.

“F*** Dwight Howard, goddamn it,” Cube said, according to HipHopDX. “We love LA! We don’t need no punk-ass motherf***ers on our team. We don’t give a f*** about a Dwight Coward. We don’t need no bitches on our team, homie. You don’t deserve to go up on that goddamn wall. So, I predict tonight Kobe [Bryant] will win another championship before Dwight Howard ever sniffs one.”

Cube addressed his concerns about Howard joining the Lakers back in the summer of 2012, just before the team traded away Andrew Bynum for the All-Star center.

“Right now, I keep Andrew Bynum,” he said during an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take.” “Dwight, you have to want it, man. You have to come and want to be a part of the legacy. You got to want to have your jersey up on that wall.”

Apparently, Howard didn’t want it, whether that was the pressure of carrying the Lakers dynasty into the future, or playing alongside Kobe Bryant for another couple of years.

Dwight took to Twitter Friday evening (July 5), announcing his decision to join the Houston Rockets.

  1. Who cares what a gangster rapper says learn how to rap about something other than stupidity and immaturity before I listen to what you have to say

  2. Dwight Howard is the most over rated big man in basketball today. He’s not terrible just terribly over rated.

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