Pharrell Counter-Sues In ‘i am OTHER’ Lawsuit


After filing a lawsuit against Pharrell’s creative brand “i am OTHER”, claiming trademark infringement over the use of “i am,” Black Eyed Peas frontman is getting hit with legal action in return.

According to, Pharrell has counter-sued, arguing that each are using “i am” in completely different ways.

In court docs, Pharrell claims Will is using it in a Dr. Seuss way, quoting from Green Eggs and Ham: “Sam I am / I am Sam / I am Sam / Sam I am.”

As far as his usage: “In contrast, the I Am Other mark means ‘I am something else,’ leaving what that ‘else’ is to the imagination of the consumer. It certainly does not mean ‘I am Will.’ ”

Pharrell is asking for written permission from the judge to continue using the “i am Other” mark. has yet to comment.

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