Oprah Winfrey

Forbes has released its 2013 “Celebrity 100” list, and who tops the list? Oprah, of course.

Despite business stumbles, specifically the slow start to her OWN cable network, Oprah tops the new list with earnings of $77 million this year alone. She also leads a female-dominated top 10 that includes Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres.

The list is determined by various factors, including pay, fame, Internet presence, and how they’re viewed by American consumers.

Behind her is Lady Gaga at #2 with earnings of $80 million, director Steven Spielberg at #3, Beyonce at #4, and Madonna closes out the top 5.

Other notables include Rihanna at #13, Lebron James at #16, Kobe Bryant at #24, Jay-Z at #32, Kanye West at #59, Dr. Dre at #63, and Kim Kardashian at #66.

Check out the full list over at Forbes.com.