Kool Keith Claims ‘Tim Dog Is Still Alive’

Tim Dog

Is Tim Dog still alive? Yes, says fellow New York rap vet, Kool Keith.

In a newly recorded track, entitled “Falsified,” Keith proclaims, “Tim Dog is alive.”

“Thank the Lord you’re alive / People selling your music. They falsified,” he spits, according to HiphopDX.

Later, Keith continues to celebrate Tim Dog’s life, claiming major news outlets have tried contacting him regarding Tim’s alleged death. “Tim Dog is alive. A cornball made the rumor. The press said he died,” he says on the song. “ABC News calls. CBS News calls me. NBC News calls me. Magazines all call me. It’s falsified.”

Keith also told HHDX that Tim “still good it,” and even says he “bought everybody in the studio chocolate milkshakes.”

Back in February, reports surfaced that Tim Dog (real name: Timothy Blair) had passed away, as a result of a diabetic seizure … at the age of 46. A funeral was even held by his family in New York.

However, a couple months later, a woman came forward, claiming Tim Dog had faked his death to avoid paying back his large debt.

He was at the center of a grand larceny investigation, which was later featured on “Dateline NBC.” Tim was accused of scamming several women out of thousands of dollars.

One of them, Esther Pilgrim, came forard and said she had investigated his death and found no records indicating that he had died at all — no documentation, death certificate… nothing.

“In the eyes of the law, until he is proven dead, they have to treat him as if he is alive. And he is in contempt of court because he has not been making his monthly payments,” Pilgrim said.

Prosecutor Steven Jubera has since helped Pilgrim obtain a warrant for Tim Dog’s arrest. “I need proof,” Jubera said. “I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive… Nobody said where he died, nobody said where he was buried, which is very odd for an obituary.”

Stay tuned…

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