A photo of Kendrick Lamar, Black Hippy and Eminem surfaced earlier this month, so when asked about the “unexpected” meeting, K-Dot recalled his time with the rap superstar … while admitting they’ve yet to record together.

“It was unexpected, I just went to Detroit and I had a show out there and I got a call saying, ‘Em [wants you] to come to the studio, come to the studio fast,’ ” Kendrick told MTV News over the weekend.

“That was me actually just meeting and greeting,” he continued. “I bumped heads with Eminem [in the past], but it was very brief, that was my first time really chopping it up with him, getting to ask all the questions I wanted to ask him.”

Kendrick asked him a number of topics, including his 2002 film, 8 Mile.

As far as a possible collaboration in the future, he said: “God willing.”