Jay-Z covers Billboard issue.

Jay-Z has landing the cover of the latest issue of Billboard, in the mag discusses his upcoming album, Carta Holy Grail, set to drop on July 4th via a deal with Samsung.

For the cover story, the publication examines the partnership with Samsung, in which one million Samsung Galaxy users will get the album free three days before release, and why it won’t count on Billboard’s albums chart.

“Our role as the chart of record is to set the rules, and hopefully even raise the level of play,” Billboard’s editor Bill Werde writes. “It is in this spirit that I say it wasn’t as simple as you might think to turn down Jay-Z when he requested that we count the million albums that Samsung ‘bought’, as part of a much larger brand partnership, to give away to Samsung customers.

“True, nothing was actually for sale — Samsung users will download a Jay-branded app for free and get the album for free a few days later, after engaging with some Jay-Z content. The passionate and articulate argument by Jay’s team that something was for sale and Samsung bought it also doesn’t mesh with precedent.”

They also discuss what the strategy means for music. Read the full piece at Billboard.com.

Carta Holy Grail is expected to sell 400,000-450,000 in it’s first week.