Digital Dynasty R&B 4, hosted by Sammie

After dropping Digital Dynasty 25 earlier this month with the Wu’s Cappadonna, we shift gears and prep the upcoming Digital Dynasty R&B 4… with Sammie.

Sammie is best known for his 1999 smash,”I Like It”, but continues putting in work and releasing quality R&B — his most recent being the 2012 mixtape, Insomnia.

“After coming off the Jon B-hosted Digital Dynasty 3, I wanted to find an artist who really can sing his ass off,” series creator Tha Advocate explained. “As I began my search, I saw Sammie dropped a new mixtape (Insomnia) — I downloaded it and was blown away. For one, it was album quality and given away for free. Two: his vocals have developed over the years. Three: he can outsing a lot of these top 40 cats out here now.”

“Just like we do with our hip-hop tapes, we make the R&B series an anti-raidio and molly rap release, serving up vintage sound and showcase that real singing,” he continued.

The R&B mixtape is open for submissions as always. Singers, and/or rappers with R&B-influenced tracks are welcome to submit their music. For more info, reach out to Tha Advocate at

Digital Dynasty R&B #4 is coming soon. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, make sure you support download Sammie’s Insomnia mixtape at; and follow him on Twitter at: @PrinceSammie.