Los Angeles Clippers Eyeing Celtics Trio: Rivers, Garnett & Pierce

Coach Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett

Uh oh… big trade talks are taking place in Los Angeles.

According to an ESPN.com report, the L.A. Clippers and Boston Celtics have formally opened serious discussions for multiple transactions that could potentially result in some big moves taking place this off-season.

In one deal, Celtics stars Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and coach Doc Rivers would come to the West Coast… in a package that would include cash considerations to satisfy Rivers’ lucrative contract, multiple draft picks, and young center DeAndre Jordan as the primary piece in exchange for Garnett.

Sources say the Clips are also considering the prospect of offering up superstar Blake Griffin, alongside prized young guard Eric Bledsoe, to the Los Angeles Lakers in a sign-and-trade pitch to land Dwight Howard after July 1.

Additionally, the Clippers have also made Bledsoe the centerpiece of recent trade discussions with the Orlando Magic for swingman Arron Afflalo.¬†However, they want to keep the option open, first, for Bledsoe to be included in the potential deal for Howard… if needed.

According to ESPN, the potential transactions, sources say, are part of the Clippers’ intent to be “very aggressive”, in an attempt to upgrade the roster, so that Chris Paul re-signs… and they become an unquestioned championship contender.

The Clippers are very interested in coach Rivers if he, indeed, leaves Boston… and plan to go after both Garnett and Pierce if they can sign the coach.

The Boston Herald reports many hurdles must be clear for the transactions to be made.

Stay tuned…

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