J. Cole stopped by L.A. Power 106 radio station on Thursday (June 13) to talk about his upcoming album, Born Sinner … and offered up some funny stories from his past instead.

During the interview, the Roc Nation rapper talked about his crush on Alicia Keys as a teen, and also, two different meetings with Jay-Z, both times not going the way he wanted.

One instance, Cole recalls waiting three hours in the rain to hand Hov a CD, but was brushed off instead.

It was 2007. J. Cole was fresh out of St. John’s University and saw that Jay-Z was working on American Gangster. “I read the press release online and it was like, ‘Jay-Z, finishing American Gangster.’ I was like, ‘Yo, he’s not done yet. I can go make beats right now and get on this album ’cause I know where the studio is at,” Cole explained. “So, I went home, made two beats, one was called ‘Top of the World,’ put a hook on it and everything… took the train to the city, stood outside the studio, me and partner E, for like three hours, with a bottle of E&J [Brandy], just like passing time waiting on Jay-Z to pull up.

“The Phantom finally comes around the corner. It’s raining by the way. We’ve been in the rain. The Phantom finally pulls around the corner. Someone get out the car in front of him just to open his door. That was their job, to get out their car, come to his car and open his door. He hops out. I’m froze. I don’t really know what to say. I’m like, ‘Yo, Jay I got this for you.’ He’s like, ‘What is that? What are you doing?’ I’m like, American Gangster, beat CD.’ I can’t really speak and he’s like, ‘Man I don’t want that shit, man. Give that to one of those guys.’ He said it. ‘I’m like, “Oh you mother… Don’t you know I’ve been out here for three hours?”

Born Sinner drops June 18th.