Project Pat

Juicy J is currently enjoying solo success, but where is Three 6 Mafia associate Project Pat?

The Memphis rap collective have forged a place in hip-hop history, and are considered rap legends. But, despite the public perception, Pat says Three 6 Mafia are/were only friends when “business” was concerned.

In an interview with, the rap vet explains how Juicy J was always the driving force behind Three 6 Mafia.

“Well see, what people don’t understand is Juicy J was the brain behind the whole Hypnotized Minds. He was the brain,” Pat explains. “Juicy was always the one getting everybody up out of bed. Juicy was always the one telling me stay focused, don’t get into — Juicy’s business, he’s not personal. All business.

“And a lot of people they like, ‘What about Three 6 Mafia?’ I mean, you know, we just work with them. I mean, that’s all that was, just work. People wanted us to be friends. We was friends, you know, as part of the business. But after the business is over — if I see somebody, ‘what’s up,’ but that’s it.”

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