TrackingPoint Precision Rifle

With gun controversy a topic in the media for months now, Texas-based TrackingPoint releases a brand new rifle capable for hitting a target from 1,000 yards award.

According to, the company touts the precision rifle as a “smartgun” with a trigger wired to the scope, so that the gun won’t fire until it’s locked on the target that’s been tagged.

It’s pricetag: a staggering $27,500.

The TrackingPoint rifles, which are Wi-Fi enabled and have a color display so users can post videos of their shots on Facebook or YouTube, started shipping in May.

CEO Jason Schauble says his company is on track to sell as many as 500 this year, many to clients that he describes as “high net worth hunters” who want to kill big game at long range. TrackingPoint claims the rifle took down a South African wildebeest at 1,103 yards, a company record.