‘Sunset Overdrive’ Makers Launch E3 Scavenger Hunt In L.A.

Sunset Overdrive scavenger hunt

In celebration of the E3 announcement for the upcoming Xbox One open world shooter, Sunset Overdrive, SA Studios and Insomniac Games enlisted artists Tristan Eaton, Alex Fuentes and Eyeone to create work inspired by game, including a huge, colorful mural on the side of Meltdown Comics and limited edition tees featuring their work.

The limited tees are beging given away to fans, via this recently announced scavenger hunt around Hollywood’s famed Sunset Blvd.

It won’t be a walk in the park to get a hold of these shirts though. For a chance to find then, fans are asked to follow @SunsetOverdrive on Twitter, and set out on Sunset Overdrive scavenger hunt around Sunset Blvd. to seek out special cans of Overcharge Delerium XT Energy Drink featured in the game.

Find the locations, locate the can, order the drink from the store, and you’ll get a super sweet T-shirt.

For more info, visit InsomniacGames.com.

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