D-Dot Talks History With Kanye West, Explains Their Beef & How He Helped

D-Dot Talks History With Kanye West, Explains Their Beef & How He Helped

Producer D-Dot recently stopped by Hot 97 for a sit-down with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, where he revealed that he was the one to first encourage Kanye West to rhyme, where their beef stemmed from, and even explains how he got his publishing rights back.

“Nobody wanted him to rhyme,” said D-Dot. “He tried to shop his group, GLC, and all of them to Columbia. Played ’em. Was tryna rap to Free, they played ’em. Nobody wanted him to rhyme. I actually liked him rhyming. I put him on my mixtape… I put him on there rapping and then he actually wrote a song on The Mad Rapper album. I rapped his verse because Free, his other managers, wouldn’t let him rhyme.”

D-Dot later said he played a major role in getting Kanye his publishing back.

“One thing I will say to Kanye, which he never thanked me for, but I got him his publishing back,” D-Dot shared. “You know what I’m saying? Because I refused at that time to take his publishing or take anybody’s publishing… So, they owned 50 percent of his publishing and I told them I wouldn’t manage him unless they gave it back to him.”

The producer also explained how their beef first started… saying he was offended when Ye said he was a “ghost producer” under him.

“The beef came in is when he started using this term called ‘ghost-producing,’ which I hate. Which I felt was disrespectful because ‘ghost’ means you’re not seen or heard… Meaning, you get the beat and you do not get a credit. You don’t get a check. You don’t get a piece of publishing. That’s ghost-producing. I got him back his publishing… Of course not, because I threatened to f*** him up afterwards. Because now you forcing me to go another direction,” D-Dot explained.

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