GraffitiGang - Graffitigang (Mixtape)

GraffitiGang is an up-and-coming rap group hailing from Los Angeles… and they hit music fans with their debut, self-titled mixtape.

The project boasts seven new tracks, where they touch on topics such as spraying up the hood with their tags, while reppin’ for the block; sporting fresh kicks; and of course, the ladies.

GraffitiGang is a six-man collective, comprised of Watts and Compton natives: T-Bone, Jack Nickels, Tommy Gunnz, Double Gunnz, Nine and Nest.

GraffitiGang is available for free download now, over at Also, follow them on Twitter at @GraffitiGaang.

1. “GraffitiGang”
2. “We Live For This Sh**”
3. “ShakeThat”
4. “Fresh Kick”
5. “Capri Pants”
6. “Certifed”
7. “Take My Hand”