We’re back again for another Mic Fights. The Week #3 winner was 50 Cent (“Most Gritty Emcee”), who took 57.67% of the vote (total 7,239) over DMX by a margin of 14%. Additionally, ThisIs50.com ran their own poll alongside ours, compiling 5,271 votes with Fif taking it by just 23 votes. Combined, 50 is the clear winner.

Since 50 Cent and DMX was the biggest Mic Fights yet, we follow with something epic… something classic. Maybe some would argue that this is the biggest hip-hop debate of all-time — 2pac vs. Biggie.

No matter how you slice it and dice it, both are two of the greatest of all-time. It just boils down to who you think has the upper hand. It’s almost impossible to combine their catalogs within this short amount of time, but you get the point.

All I know is I miss this era and everything it brought… it’s too dry nowerdays. Sit back, reminisce, and listen to the above video and cast your vote. Polls close next Wednesday!