Benzino ‘Done’ With ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ After Exchange With Stevie J

Benzino and Joseline in 'Smashed Da Homie' video.

Benzino has seen a career resurgence, thanks to his presence on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” However, he is getting fed up … and claims he’s “done” with the show.

Reports says Zino and friend/fellow cast member Stevie J got exchanged words via Twitter, which seems to have resulted in the rapper wanting to leave the show.

The fellas began sending shots back-n-forth on the social media site, following the release of Zino’s new music video, “Smashed Da Homie,” which he says wasn’t meant as a diss to his former friend.

“The song just a song, the media made it a diss, not that serious,” Benzino tweeted (@IamBenzino).

Later, after several exchanges with Stevie, Benzino said he was “done” with “Love & Hip Hop.”ย “IM DONE WITH THIS LOVE AND HIP HOP , I CANT DO THIS NO MORE, MY CHARACTER & FRIENDSHIPS ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT, this is horrible,” he wrote.

A video for Benzino’s new song, “Smashed The Homie,” was recently released, and features Stevie J’s girlfriend/client, Joseline Hernandez… and seemed to have started the whole fiasco.

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