Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite 'Dee Brown' OG

Dee Brown wore these Reebok Pump Omni Lite’s in 1991 for his NBA Slam Dunk Contest win. Now, they are set to return in a matter of days.

On that legendary day in 1991, the retired NBA player brought the crowd to their feet. He paused to pump up his Reebok Pump shoes, and ultimately made the most iconic dunk of all time.

“Being a late entry for the Slam Dunk contest that year, I knew I had to get the crowd on my side, to get them excited. What I did next is history. To this day, I’m identified with one shoe and one shoe only — the Reebok Pump,” Brown said of the moment.

The Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite OG is set to drop on June 14th at select retailers, and, for $115.