NBA 2K14 with LeBron James

With the 2013 NBA Finals underway — as the San Antonio Spurs take Game 1 against the Miami Heat — 2K Sports makes a big announcement: LeBron James will grace the cover of the upcoming NBA 2K14.

The news broke with Game #1 in progress, with TV and ad spots making the unveiling.

“I hope everyone is as excited about NBA 2K14 as I am,” said James in a viral video. “2K is letting me do things the LeBron way, starting the the King James Bonus Pack, which of course, I highly recommend you check out. We have a lot more special surprises for you. It’s going to be the best sports video game the world has ever seen.”

2K14 has big shoes to fill. It’s predecessor, NBA 2K13, is the most profitable sports title in the history of 2K, according to Jason Argent, senior vice president of operations at 2K Sports. The game is the company’s third consecutive basketball sim to top sales of 5 million copies.

Argent tells NBA 2K13 “is on track to exceed” all their previous titles, and is also “setting records for virtual goods sales.”

NBA 2K14 will ship October 1, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.