Vans DQM Boston

Vans announced this week plans for expansion of their Vans DQM General retail location to Boston with a brand new space.

Located at 174 Newbury Street in Boston’s renowned Back Bay shopping district, the return to Boston sees the brand coming full circle to their humble beginnings. 49 years ago, brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren, along with friend Gordon Lee, worked at Randolph Rubber Company, Boston-based shoemaker and one of the country’s largest in the early 1960’s. There, in 1964, the trio was challenged to revive the company in California… and two years later, the friends realized a lifetime dream and started to manufacture shoes in their own Anaheim, California factory, calling their brand, the Van Doren Rubber Company.

The General, Vans’ first retail foray in Manhattan, has been widely successful since its 2011 opening. To further grow The General brand, Vans and DQM will introduces a new retail destination to the “Rodeo Drive of the East.” Newbury Street, home to an eclectic mix of independent shops and high-end fashion boutiques, welcomes millions of tourists and locals each year, creating a unique opportunity to introduce two of the most prolific names in contemporary streetwear to Boston.

Slated to open in July 2013, the 1,200 square foot Vans DQM General will be deeply rooted in the heritage of Boston with locally sourced materials. Additionally, the store will reflect the DQM skate and streetwear aesthetic and will include pieces of Vans’ history with vintage machinery displayed at the store front.

The location will carry both exclusive co-branded DQM for Vans footwear and crafted apparel, as well as select Vans and DQM premium product for men and women.

“I am extremely proud to announce the expansion of The Vans DQM General concept to Boston,” said Chris Keeffe, founder and owner of DQM. “Through our partnership with Vans, we have successfully provided a top-tier boutique environment for Vans’ New York customers, and we’re looking forward to creating this experience in Boston; a city deeply rooted in east coast skateboarding history and culture.”

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