Floyd Mayweather

Did Floyd Mayweather rake in $6.5 million from a bet made on Game 7 of NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals?

If a tweet by Vegas Gambling Steam (@Pregame_Steam) is true, then he most certainly did.

Before the Heat blew out the Pacers Monday evening (June 3), the @Pregame_Steam Twitter account wrote: “**ALERT** Good source from my #HeavyHitters Vegas crew alerted me that Floyd Mayweather has laid over $5,900,000 on Heat -7 tonight in Vegas”

If Mayweather had placed the bet on the Heat and won, he would’ve earned a profit of $6.49 million. That’s a payday!!

However, the boxer and/or his camp have not confirmed the report.

Betting on games is a past time for Mayweather — he frequently tweets photos of his betting slips. Grantland.com writer, Dermot Hunt, previously wrote that the boxer tweeted photos of 46 betting slips totaling nearly $3.9 million in wagers between August 2010 and February 2012.According to Hunt’s record-keeping, Mayweather won all 46, making a profit of $3,938,722.87.