Papoose Sneaks Onto Stage At Summer Jam? Hot 97’s Ebro Explains

Papoose bumrushes stage at 2013 Summer Jam?

Aside from Nicki Minaj returning to the stage to assist 2 Chainz, one of the most talked about moments from Hot 97’s Summer Jam on Sunday (June 2) was when Papoose performed in between sets, seemingly unplanned.

In between Kendrick Lamar’s and French Montana’s sets, the New York rapper hit the stage for a single-song performance of his The Nacirema Dream cut, “Get At Me,” which helped him trend on Twitter.¬†However, shortly after, Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden took to Twitter (@OldManEbro) to react to the situation, claiming Papoose’s appearance wasn’t planned and implied that he had snuck onto the stage.

Upset about the comments, the rapper responded at Ebro (also via Twitter @PapooseOnline), stating that he well aware of the performance. But, they continued to argue… with no conclusion on the matter.

Monday morning (June 3), during Hot 97’s “The Realness,” the situation was somewhat cleared up with Peter Rosenberg explaining that, before the show, he got a call from Kendrick Lamar’s people, who told him they would be bringing out Papoose. Supposedly, Rosenberg didn’t tell Ebro, which is where the confusion came in.

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