OriginalFake closes up shop.

After KAWS releases a graphic earlier this year, bearing the name of his brand on a tombstone marked “2006-2013,” many wondered: is this the end of OriginalFake?

Well, it looks like its now official. An announcement was made last week that the brand and its retail store was closing up shop.

OriginalFake is closing the brand and store today on May 31st, 2013,” the brand stated. “Thank you very much for your continuous support to OriginalFake in the past 7 years and all of the staff deeply appreciates your support from the bottom of our heart.”

Despite the closure, the statement hinted at something, possibly, in the future.

“It was an irreplaceable history for us to create OriginalFake. We will move on towards the next stage taking advantage of this great experience so we look forward to your continuous support.”

However, the OriginalFake ONLINE STORE “will continue”, read the statement.