Mister Cee

As much as Hot 97’s Summer Jam is known for it’s musical performances, it is also known for it’s controversial moments, and Sunday’s Summer Jam XX was no exception.

Hot 97 DJ, Mister Cee, inappropriately dedicated Young Jeezy’s track “R.I.P.” to victims of the recent Oklahoma tornado… and many were offended.

After a moment of silence for the victims, Cee, spun the Jeezy track which lyrics go, “RIP, we just killed the club, drink patron out the bottle almost killed a thug / When I’m so high, I can’t feel the drugs / Too many haters in here, I don’t feel the love?”

Shortly after, Twitter was flooded with reactions to Mister Cee’s choice of song after the moment of silence, many of which were ones of shame and disgust.

“This dude mister cee’s DJ career is over. You don’t say to pay respect to Oklahoma then play ‘RIP’ by Young Jeezy lmfao” a fan tweeted.

“Mister Cee plays Young Jeezy’s RIP after a moment of silence for the people of Moore, OK. Talk about a horrible segue,” another tweeted.