Bruno Mars with his mother, Bernadette Hernandez.

Bernadette Hernandez, the mother of pop star Bruno Mars, passed away in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday (June 1), after suffering a brain aneurysm, reports the Associated Press. She was just 55 years old.

Hernandez was a hula dancer and a singer, who immigrated from the Philippines and was an early supporter of her children’s music careers. In addition to Mars, his four sisters make up the group The Lylas, and a brother who plays the drums in his band the Hooligans.

Mars’ peers took to Twitter to share their condolences. “Sending my love and condolences to @BrunoMars at this difficult time! I’m sincerely praying for you bro! #1Love,” tweeted Rihanna (@Rihanna).

Mars, himself, has not tweeted.