Trinidad James Says ‘People Who Die From Drugs Are Just Weak-Minded’

Trinidad James

Trinidad James’ rise came from his breakout single, “All Gold Everything,” and on that track, one of its most memorable lines is “Popped a molly, I’m sweating.” So, what’s his take on drug use?

Obviously, if you listen to his music, he’s for it, but is he concerned about its glorification?

Trinidad is mentioned in an editorial on the Huffington Post, written by A-Trak, in which he references the “molly” lyric, asking for dialog to begin about drug use in rap, noting the drug overdose death of his friend DJ AM and others as a point of concern.

The rapper addressed A-Trak’s comments via an interview with, calling drug use is a personal choice, and goes as far as to say those that become addicts or overdose are “just weak-minded.”

“I’m my own man, and I have my own reasons for why I do anything,” the rapper explains. “But, I respect where [A-Trak is] coming from, because when someone like him starts that conversation, it’s going to influence somebody. I have a strong mind, but people are going to read his thoughts, and hopefully his message reaches a kid or an adult who doesn’t have a strong mind, so they won’t even waste their time with drugs, because if they do, they’ll end up being an addict and dying. I feel like people who die from drugs are just weak-minded.”

Despite the delusional statement, James does acknowledge that drug use is “not right,” but argues that just because you talk about a topic, that doesn’t necessarily mean you partake in it.

“If you have three people talking about the subject, you have one person who’s never done drugs, period; you have one person who does drugs currently; and you have one person who’s done drugs but doesn’t do it anymore,” he says. “Every one of those people’s opinions isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just their outlook on it. To say that they’re wrong? Not necessarily. Because at the end of the day, doing drugs is not right. It’s not right. Doing drugs is not right.”

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  1. He used “weak minded” for lack of better words, I can kinda see what he is trying to say but he missed the mark on political correctness

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