Riff Raff Says His Persona ‘Ain’t A Joke’, Is It An Act Or Real? (Poll)

Riff Raff

Mad Decent signee, Riff Raff, gets a lot of flack for his odd persona, but fans and critics don’t know if its real or an act for shock value.

During an interview on Hot 97 this week, the Houston rapper found himself in a somewhat heated debate over whether or not his persona is real or fake. When asked by radio personality Ebro, Riff Raff revealed that while his personality may, at times, be “over the top”, it’s completely authentic.

“If somebody’s playing around, what they’re gonna do is maybe go to the middle of the mall buy some duplicate chains. Buy some, whatever, that they think somebody else would buy. Me, all my songs, 90 videos, all original songs. All original beats. Now am I flamboyant? Am I over the top? Maybe… The sh** I’m doing ain’t a joke,” he explained.

What do you think? Is Riff Raff an act? Or real?

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  1. Man this nigga real I remember him hustling back in the day in houston man he been Putting in work!!

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