Last week’s winner of the Crooked I vs. Big Pun Mic Fights feature was… Crooked I. He took the week by 17% of the votes (2586).

On to this week’s installment of Mic Fights, we take it to New Jersey with two of its finest: Joe Budden and Ransom.

It’s been over five years since the infamous Jersey slug fest between Budden and Ran. Well, Ransom is back on the grind, and in his new freestyle, “Open Letter”, he took a slick shot at Joe Budden (“I never run from my Consequences”). People have been debating and arguing about who’s the best of the two, and who truly holds the crown in the Garden State.

Being that Dufflebag got the people talking again, let’s revisit those infamous disses and you be the judge. Factor in over-all presence on the mic, word play, their catalog, and of course, song writing.

Polls will close next Wednesday (May 22).