Bone Thugs Says Eazy-E’s Death To AIDs Tainted His Legacy

Eazy-E with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Eazy-E’s is a legend in hip-hop. He’s credited with helping to usher in gangster rap, and also introducing N.W.A. However, some feel the circumstances of his death tainted his legacy.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony members say that the late rapper doesn’t get the hip-hop props he should, because he died of AIDS, reports

“Some people seem like they are afraid to commemorate him due to how he died,” Bizzy Bone tells TMZ. “But, Bone never once has — nor will stop — commemorating him.”

Eazy died in 1995 at age 31. He left behind seven children by six different women.

Bone feels Eazy doesn’t get the proper respect because of the stigma of attached to people who contract AIDS, unlike other late hip-hop icons like Biggie and Tupac.

“They died being known as gangsta heroes,” Krayzie Bone says. “Eazy died from a disease … so many look at that differently.”

Bone is planning to honor Eazy durig their upcoming Rock The Bells performance, which will feature a hologram of the rap icon.

  1. Eazy E. made it possible 4 some1 like 2pac and Biggie 2 even do the type of music they did. I would have to agree with Bone Thugs since Eazy died of a so called “homo disease” when many people were not fully aware of this silent killer, I find it very ignorant that people woulld even think the way Pac and Biggie died was some kind of badge of honor, all three situations could have been prevented AIDS with Eazy and Pac/Biggie being shot and we would still have those Legends around 2day. I want hing a real Documentary done on the man responsible 4 bringing So called Gangster Rap along with Ice T and KRS1 2 the forefront. Eazy E. if u think about it Eazy brought out NWA which included Dr.Dre and Ice Cube, which Dre in turn helped start Death Row Records which brought out Snoop, Dogg Pound. Ice Cube had Mack 10 and Westside Connection , then Dre put put out Em and 50 and now Kendrick Lamar and it all falls back 2 Ruthless Records and Eazy E who also put out Bone Thugs N Harmony. So give some love 2 the legend Eazy Mutha -fuccin E.

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