Marley Brothers Announce Docu-Series ‘Marley Africa Road Trip’

Ziggy, Robbie and Rohan Marley

The Marley brothers is set to perform a benefit concert at the Los Angeles area on Friday (May 10) benefiting The Chepstowe Basic School, Port Antonio, Jamaica, which coincides with the launch of a six part docu-series called the “Marley Africa Road Trip,” which follows brothers Ziggy, Robbie and Rohan Marley on an inspiring journey to Africa in celebration of the life and music of their legendary father, Bob Marley.

In 1980, Bob Marley visited Africa with his family to perform a landmark concert to celebrate the independence of Zimbabwe. 30 years later his songs — Ziggy, Robbie and Rohan — traveled to South Africa to continue his legacy and embark upon their own journey.

The series captures the insightful and amusing encounters that the Marleys experience as they travel on Ducati Multistrada 1200s and return to the land their father loved. Inspired, the brothers decide to audition local musicians, teach them to play Bob Marley’s music, and put on a free concert in Soweto in record time.

“It was important for me to honor the message of my father,” says Ziggy. “African unity is something I want to sing about and something I believe in. It’s one of my real passions to do whatever I can to bring the idea of unity in Africa back to the table. Nobody’s talking about it. Nobody’s even thinking about it. But in my heart, I have to know that I did my part. In whatever shape or form, that’s the dream.

“We had such an extraordinary experience living and filming in South Africa,” added director David Alexanian. “The world may have lost Bob Marley many years ago but not only did we feel his spirit remain in the joy of the people we met as they recounted the impact he had on their lives, but it was also uncanny, you could almost see and hear him reappear as Ziggy performed his music live.”

Additionally, “Marley Africa Road Trip” will feature 25 of Bob Marley and Ziggy Marley’s live and recorded tracks, along with rarely, if ever before seen, archival footage

All proceeds raised on May 10th will benefit The Chepstowe Basic School, attended by children aged between 3-6 years old and located in the economically-challenged Jamaican parish of Port Antonio. The school is one of the beneficiary projects of U.R.G.E., a non-profit organization founded by Ziggy Marley that benefits a wide range of charitable children’s causes in Jamaica and other developing nations.

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