If you followed the hip-hop blogs last week, then you probably read or heard about Vin Rock getting booted from legendary hip-hop trio Naughty By Nature. After announcing the news, Trigger Treach even dropped a diss track toward Vinnie.

BallerStatus.com’s Tha Advocate got on the phone with Treach to discuss the fallout further to get to the bottom of their entire situation. The hip-hop legend explained why Vinnie was kicked out of the group, why he chose to reveal the news on Twitter, and much more.

Treach even claims he threw his former partner “a bone” by letting him start, and own, Naughty gear; says they haven’t spoken for nearly two years.

As I said in the interview, as a fan looking in from the outside, it’s heart breaking to see these hip-hop icons going through problems like this, especially after reaching a 20 year milestone not too long ago. I hope they work this out and things get back in order.