Mic Fights: Crooked I Vs. Big Pun (Poll)

By Tha Advocate  |  05/10/2013

What's good Ballerstatus.com readers? This Friday (May 10) we introduce "Mic Fights," where we match up two emcees (alive or dead) and readers debate and vote to decide who is more "lyrical." Each Friday from here on out, another Mic Fights will run. Hip-hop is a competitive genre, almost like sports, and it's time to bring the barbershop talk to BallerStatus on a weekly basis.

I figured the first match up should be something that can have people talking for days. Big Pun was top of his class, when it comes to being a wordsmith and he embedded "Grade A" lyricism into a commercial success. Since Pun's era, one artist who consistently rose up threw the ranks is Crooked I. I have been following Crooked, even before his Death Row days and he gets better and better each year.

When we do these match-ups, it's intended for you to judge each artist, while they are in their prime. Watch the video mash-up above, vote for your choice, and debate below.