Fresh off the release of his third album, Hotel California, Tyga stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to discuss various topics, from his business dealings to rumors.

During the chat, the Los Angeles rapper revealed that he’s never actually received a royalty check from Cash Money or Young Money Records. So far, Tyga has dropped two albums with the label, 2012’s Careless World: Rise Of The Last King and 2008’s No Introduction, for combined sales of over 350,000 albums to date.

“I never got a check from Young Money/Cash Money,” Tyga explained. “But, by me saying that, I’ve always treated my career like independent and everything that I got is because of myself, my own endorsements, me touring, myself. I think I got a signing bonus when I first signed but that was it.”

Artists in the past, including Juvenile and Mannie Fresh, have left Cash Money over financial disputes. Tyga didn’t seem to be effected by money issues though. “At a certain time, you get your money, but at the same time, they pay for your videos and all that other stuff. But I never really was dependent on the label like that.”

Also during the interview, Tyga talks about his relationship with Blacc Chyna, whether street cred matters or not, and his deal with Reebok.