Triumvir Releases ‘Victorian Thieves’ Quickstrike Tee

Triumvir 'Victorian Thieves' tee

Southern Cali brand, Triumvir, revives one of their old designs, which packs a historical punch, dubbed the Victorian Thieves.

The quickstrike tee release depicts Australia’s ancestral link to the United Kingdom and Queen Victoria; when the island was first occupied as a transport ground for prisoners found throughout the British Empire.

The Arm & Sword insignia is inspired by the flag of Thomas Tew, a pirate from the 17th century. A Gothic hilt sword from the Victorian Era was also incorporated alongside a tattoo with the stars of the Southern Cross taken from the Australian flag in reference to the historical fact: thieves were often tattooed and branded while imprisoned.

The Triumvir “Victorian Thieves” tee is available now in limited quantities. Visit for more info.

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