Forbes Names Carmelo Anthony The ‘2013 Most Overpaid NBA Player’

By Staff  |  04/08/2013

Carmelo Anthony

Everybody knows NBA players make money. This year, it was Kobe Bryant who topped Forbes' 2013 list of the "NBA's Highest Paid Players." But, for those who rake in those millions, who are the most overpaid?

The financial magazine recently dropped a list of the league's "Most Overpaid Players," breaking down stats and figuring out a player's efficiency to find out if they are more overpaid than another. Topping the list is New York Knicks star, Carmelo Anthony.

Over the past few games, the NYC star has averaged over 40 points to help his team extend a winning streak that has now reached 12 games. He is also leading Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant in the race for the NBA scoring title.

However, as reported by Forbes, Durant is more effiecent. Durant gets his points by taking four fewer shots per game than Anthony does (18 vs. 22), while he shoots 50.5% from the floor to Anthony's 44%. Durant also averages 4.4 assists per game compared to Anthony's 2.6, and 7.9 rebounds to Anthony's 6.4.

This is the reason why, at a 2012-13 salary of $19.4 million, Anthony tops our list as the NBA’s most overpaid player.

Following closely behind: Charlotte Bobcats’ guard Ben Gordon ($12.4 million; -2.1 wins produced), Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson ($19.75 million; 1.5 wins produced) and Orlando Magic guard Helo Turkoglu ($11.8 million; -0.6 wins produced).

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