Tyler The Creator

In the past few years, Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator has become a certified hip-hop star. However, despite acceptance from his peers, he says he feels like an outsider regularly.

As he puts it on his new album, Wolf, “I brag about having a four-story house but being lonely.”

In a recent interview with LA Weekly, Tyler is asked about the success he’s experienced in the last few years as the frontman for Odd Future. He says he’s just not comfortable with it.

“Even if I’m at the Grammy [Awards], I feel like I’m an outsider,” said the 22 year-old rapper. “I don’t really think about sh** until someone brings it up. I can’t explain how it is. I’m not lonely, I just don’t have anyone to relate to.”

Even with several successful ventures, including a boutique and “Loiter Squad” show, Tyler says he’s still the same kid.

“I’m the same dude. I’m still regular. This shirt must’ve been washed a hundred times.”

Tyler’s next album, Wolf, his second studio album as a solo artist, is due out April 2nd.