50 Cent and French Montana had a bit of an issue late last year, when the pair got into a war of words across the Internet.

French said something to the effect that Fif could no longer selling millions of records like he did in the past, which the hip-hop mogul took offense to … and responded.

Well, apparently, the beef is over. During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle radio show, French Montana revealed that the beef has been squashed, and furthermore, he and 50 has been making music together.

“Everything’s straight, we been making music,” he said. “It’s good for hip hop.”

As far as his stance on Fif’s issues with Rick Ross, French says: “Ross my brother. I’m not gonna play both sides of the fence. You know where I stand at. We ain’t got no real beef, but you know where I stand at.”