DJ Big Mike

DJ Big Mike was one of the biggest mixtape curators a few years back, but he’s been laying low ever since he was busted on music piracy charges back in 2011. However, he resurfaced this week, alleging that that fellow DJ, Trap-A-Holics, was one of the individuals who helped bring him down.

In a single tweet, Mike (@BigMikeRuler) alleged that Trap-A-Holics helped aide in his 2011 arrest, calling him a snitch.

“ANY OF YOU ‘RAPPERS’ GETTING A HOST FROM TRAP-A-HOLICS MIXTAPES U MITE WANNA RETHINK THAT MOVE…. #NO SNITCHING,” he wrote, along with a photo of a statement he claims was given to the police by Trap-A-Holics under his real name, Santos Figueroa.

The statement is dated June 21st, 2011, DJ Big Mike was arrested roughly a week prior.

At the time of Big Mike’s arrest, it was reported that agents and the RIAA had the mixtape supplier under surveillance for some time, watching as he duplicated CDs from his Connecticut home.

A search of Mike’s home turned up 383 CDs with pirated music and boxes that were labeled to contain burner towers.

At press time, it’s unclear if the case was still pending, or if had been sentenced and/or served any time.