Bow Wow Says He Will Not Pay Pornstar In Lawsuit

Bow Wow

Despite winning a default judgement by a judge, pornstar Katsuni may never see the $80,000 she owed from rapper Bow Wow, because he vows not to pay her a single dime.

The “106 & Park” host lost a lawsuit recently, in which Katsuni (real name: Celine Tran) filed last summer, claiming the rapper used footage of her pole dancing for The Electronic Conspiracy music video “Conspiracy Strip Club”… in his own video for a song called “Drank in My Cup.”

Because Bow Wow never responded to the suit, a judge ordered him to pay $79,346.07 in damages and attorney’s fees. However, he says there’s no way he’s paying.

In a Facebook post this week, he claims that wasn’t an official video he produced, but instead, a mashed up video produced by a fan on Youtube.

“Yo! That dumb a$$ porn star chick who ever she is aint getting a dime from us! We aint make no video,” Bow Wow wrote. “That video was mashed up by somebody on Youtube and i reposted cuz it was dope. People mash up artist videos all the time online. Everybody looking for a hustle. Then they tryna say drink in my cup is my song. That aint my song u dumb braud! Get a life. I dont play dem games. N*ggas work too hard to give away free money.”

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  1. Stop sleeping with porno hoes!!! C’mon they give up that ass for money! What makes you think that your going to hit that for free!

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