Piola launched a Kickstarter campaign, in which they have set a goal of $60,000 to set up their first development project to create high end footwear in 33 days for 33 local rubber producers in Peru, framed by the UN (US-AID) and the WWF.

With the help of French designers, the company aims to create unique and avant-garde footwear, with the goal to capitalize on the best organic raw materials to set up a creative product. Wild rubber and organic cotton producers in Peru will be paid between three up to five times the value of the normal price. Thus, helping local providers.

The four founders of the Piola Project spent one year in Peru as volunteers in a NGO and Lima. They have been contemplating the prospect of launching a high creative independent label that could capitalize on the excellence of raw materials and be part of  of a potential, huge change in the way people could improve their way of life.

“The Piola Project started from scratch through a random encounter in the Amazon Rain Forest. After a long ride of thinking about product, design, supply chain and the way we partnered with a UN Organization we are now ready to make this huge project happens,” Josha Rudd, one of the founders of the project, explains.

Through Kickstarter, they hope to bring their project to fruition. To help, visit the Piola Kickstarter page and the official Piola website for more information.