Soulja Boy To Sign With Cash Money? Gets ‘Rich Gang’ Face Tattoo

Soulja Boy

Is Soulja Boy the newest member of YMCMB? Or, close to being a signee?

The young rapper has reportedly spent the last week in Miami, and was spotted with a brand new tatt on his face that reads “Rich Gang,” the name of Birdman’s crew. Additionally, Soulja was spotted kicking it heavy with Bow Wow and Birdman along with his manager Miami Mike.

As of press time, there is no official word.

Back in April 2011, Soulja Boy said that Birdman was courting him, in an effort to sign him to Cash Money. But, there was an obstacle: he was signed to Interscope Records.

The Cash Money Records co-founder would later take to Twitter to deny those claims, writing: “YMCMB busine$$ real talk.I neva tried 2 sign n0b0dy thts already sign 2 s0meb0dy. we d0nt r0ck like tht.I neva tried 2 sign s0ulja.but I respect tha lil h0mey wrk keep getn it$$$$.”

Present day, however, Soulja is reportedly a free agent. Is he signing with a new team? Stay tuned…

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  2. Soulja Boy is young yes in this game of hip hop but he knows what he wants

    and who he would like to work with. Cash money is great. but you have others
    that might want to talk to the young soulja boy first there is Jay-Z and Curtis
    Jackson i dont think it would be a problem with the 2 working with him or even
    talk about contracts. if so we are talking about alot of money here.
    But what will happen to soulja boys friends that help him in the begining

    where everything started keep your eyes open fan…

  3. soulja boy is a untalented fucking fag. He’s wack as fuck and stupid. He just got lucky and if y’all don’t know this, y’all fucking stupid too. Imo he’s one of the reason hip hop is dying.

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