10 years in the making, Christian Acker (of Handselecta) has finally released a book about some of the graffiti scene’s legends called FLIP THE SCRIPT: A Guidebook for Aspiring Vandals and Typographers.

The 224-page hardcover book, which is published by Gingko Press in association with Upper Playground, chronicles and analyzes historic hand styles from the likes of dozens of creative luminaries such as TAKI 183, STAY HIGH 149, HAZE, ESPO, MIKE GIANT, RENOS, GREY, and many others.

Christian Acker presents lettering samples in a clean, chronological format, for the first time giving the material a formal treatment evocative of classical calligraphy manuals and typography books.

Flip The Script is due to drop shortly. For more info, visit HandSelecta.com.